AGS Linux port continued!

With the last linux port being in 2007, and the linux port being officially discontinued in december 2008, you probably thought it dead. Well, it ain't, since I took it over a little while ago.

Current status: AGS 2.72 can be run in Ubuntu 9.04 (both 64 & 32 bit versions). You'll get sound & video in the games that have them.

AGS 3.1.2 SP1 is currently in BETA stage.

Currently working on:

- Improving video support (currently you can't skip it, abort the game or have different screen ratios). After Chris gets back from his vacation, I'll get started on AGS 3.1.2 SP1

- Fixing bugs in the AGS 3.1.2 SP1 build + an updated setup utility for 3.1.2 SP1